A GUI Tool for Unsealing Management Packs and Bundles in SCOM

You can download the program here) I frequently find myself needing to unseal a management pack that was sealed by another party (usually Microsoft) in order to troubleshoot or to steal borrow code for a script I'm working on. I have basically been using the same method for many years ... Read more »

Using Square Brackets in Powershell Queries

I don't really intend this blog to be a SCOM-only thing, but it happens to be pretty much all I'm working on right now. I have seen both of these tips in various places, but I thought I would put them together on one page for anyone else who might ... Read more »

Retrieving All Rules and Alerts in SCOM 2012 With Specific Alert Properties

Recently I had need to find all of the rules and monitors in my SCOM 2012 installation that generated alerts with a High priority and a Critical severity. We use this combination of priority and severity alerts to create our most serious tickets, so I needed to quickly review which ... Read more »

Duplicating the SCOM Logical Disk Space Monitor

In my previous post about implementing my own addendum management pack for logical disk monitoring in SCOM, I noted that implementing the 2012 addendum led me to a solution I'd been looking for since I started using SCOM as a ticketing tool. Like a lot of customers, I want to ... Read more »

OpsMgr Logical Disk Space Addendum for Windows Server 2012

Anybody who works a great deal with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager probably follows Kevin Holman's Technet blog, and if so you may already be aware of his Logical Disk Space Addendum management packs. Basically, these are management packs for SCOM 2007 or 2012 that replace the newer-fangled logical disk ... Read more »